PicaJet: The Benefits

PicaJet is a helpful piece of software for people who have thousands of photos on their computer. This is a photo management application which will help you to organize and catalog all of your photos. By using this program, it is simple to search through the photos and find the exact ones that you want to use.

There are quite a few photo album packages available. However, this one has a few unique benefits that you might be interested in, such as:


PicaJet supports networking which makes it the perfect application for anyone who has more than one computer at home. This also makes it perfect for anyone who wants to catalog photos at work. The photos can be accessed on multiple networked computers which makes sharing photos very simple. Although multiple users can view the photos at once, only one user will be able to edit the database.


It's very easy to create categories using PicaJet. It's also possible to create an unlimited number of sub-categories. This makes it very easy to search through and store your photos in the correct category. It's also possible to include a single image in more than one category. This is an unique feature which is very useful. Many photos will fit into one or more categories. But, when using PicaJet, you can make sure that all of these are stored in the relevant category rather than just a single one.

Quick Speed

PicaJet features state of the art technology which is designed to index all of your photos as quickly as possible. This normally works much quicker than similar applications.

Size of Collection

PicaJet makes it possible to catalog huge volumes of photographs quickly and easily. This is very helpful and it can quickly work through even the largest collection of photos reliably.


You will be able to easily call up information about the photo albums by clicking the information. This makes it very simple to take a look at how many photos are in the albums and which are the most popular.

Offline Photos

While digital photos are great, there can be plenty of problems caused if your computer breaks. PicaJet it very simple to minimize the chances of loosing any of your photos due to computer failure. It does this by allowing you to make offline backups. The photos can be stored on DVD, CD or USB drive. The software handles everything and shouldn't be difficult to use.


Not every photograph can be shared. If you have any private photos, then you can prevent these from being seen by using the hidden tag. This makes it very simple to keep the photos that you want without allowing other people to actually look at them.


PicaJet supports very fast zooming thanks to OpenGL support. This means that you will be able to zoom in and out of an image with a single click. This makes it possible to see the image in much more detail very easily.