PicaJet RoboImport: The Features

PicaJet RoboImport is an easy-to-use digital camera downloader and photo renamer. Not only will PicaJet RoboImport retrieve your photos from your digital camera or memory card, but it will rename them and automatically perform several basic editing functions during the transfer. PicaJet RoboImport is compatible with Windows operating systems only. This guideline will cover a few of the many features of PicaJet RoboImport.

Easy to Use

You will be hard pressed to find a digital camera downloader that is easier to use than PicaJet RoboImport. PicaJet RoboImport will automatically open itself when you connect your digital camera or digital camera memory card to your computer. Once connected, it will begin transferring your photos to a folder named Photographs that will be located on your C drive, which is your hard drive.

Photo Back-Ups

Unfortunately, computer hard drives do fail on occasion. That is why it is important for you to back your photos up on a regular basis. PicaJet RoboImport is compatible with many back-up devices, such as USB flash drives and external drives. Instead of backing up your photos manually, let PicaJet RoboImport handle the entire process for you.

Basic Image Editing

As previously mentioned, PicaJet RoboImport will perform basic image editing functions on your photos as they are being transferred to your computer. One of the best image editing functions that is performed by PicaJet RoboImport is lossless rotation. Other image editing functions that PicaJet RoboImport will automatically handle for you include image resolution correction and file timestamp correction. PicaJet RoboImport will also add IPTC copyright information to your photos for you.