PicaJet RoboFolder: The Features

PicaJet RoboFolder is an easy to use photo renaming program. If you have a digital camera, then you know your photos are transferred to your computer with a file name such as IMG_100.JPG. PicaJet RoboFolder helps you rename and organize those photos so you can easily find them. PicaJet RoboFolder is compatible with Windows operating systems only. Here are some features of this program:

Folder Renaming

When you transfer your photos to your computer from your digital camera, the photos are in a generic folder name, such as 100CANON. PicaJet RoboFolder makes it easy for you to rename those folders using logical names so you can easily locate them at a later date. PicaJet RoboFolder will also include the date that the photos were taken in the folder name.

Photo Renaming

PicaJet RoboFolder comes standard with a flexible renaming system that you can easily use to rename your photos as you transfer them onto your computer. The renaming system that comes with PicaJet RoboFolder will prevent you from reusing photo names that you have already used. PicaJet RoboFolder can also include the date that the picture was taken in the photo name for you.


Don't you just hate looking at sideways pictures? PicaJet RoboFolder can solve that problem for you. When you transfer your photos onto your computer, PicaJet RoboFolder will automatically rotate your photos so they appear in a landscape view. PicaJet RoboFolder performs lossless rotations, which means you will not lose any portions of your photo during the rotation process. PicaJet RoboFolder will also assign the correct EXIF orientation tag to your photos after they have been rotated.