PhotoZoom Classic: An Overview

PhotoZoom Classic is a digital image enhancement program that is made by BenVista. You can use PhotoZoom Classic for everything from resizing photos to artifact and noise reduction to cropping photos. PhotoZoom Classic is compatible with the latest versions of both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. This guideline will go over a few of the best features of PhotoZoom Classic so you can get a feel for the program.

1. Photo Enlargement

PhotoZoom Classic is known as being a top of the line photo enlargement program. If you have ever enlarged a photo in a different program, you may have noticed that your photo lost its sharpness and detail during the process. PhotoZoom Classic is able to preserve the quality of your photo thanks to its built-in S-Spline technology.

2. Artifact and Noise Reduction

JPEG image files in particular are notorious for introducing artifacts and noise to your photos when you save them. PhotoZoom Classic is able to automatically reduce or eliminate artifacts and noise from your JPEG image files for you. PhotoZoom Classic is able to do this thanks to its S-Spline XL technology, which is a technology that surpasses the technology in Adobe Photoshop.

3. Easy to Use

Beginner and professional photo editors alike will have no problem using PhotoZoom Classic. PhotoZoom Classic contains presets for different types of digital images that you might be editing. To enhance your image, simply click on the preset that resembles your image and PhotoZoom Classic will handle everything else for you. Once PhotoZoom Classic has enhanced your photo for you, you can use the sharpening settings to fine tune your photo until it is perfect.