Photosuite: Removing Red Eye and Cropping

Photosuite is a powerful photo touch-up application created by Roxio. This application is mainly aimed at amateur photographers, although it has some features which are useful to professionals too. This makes it possible to make your photographs look as high quality as possible. As well as touching up photos, Photosuite also makes it possible to create some interesting looking special effects.

Two of the most useful tools included with Photosuite are the abilities to crop and remove red eye. This means that you can remove objects from the photo that you don't want. It's also possible to remove red eyes from photographs, which makes it possible to use your photos even if they are suffering from red eyes.

Getting Used to the Interface

The first thing that you should do is open up Photosuite and familiarize yourself with the user interface. This is much easier to use than many other image editing applications. There are three main sections to the interface. The canvas is where your image is displayed and where you can edit it.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see the open files pane. This shows all of the files that you currently have open. You can switch between open files by clicking on the files with your mouse. Down the side of the screen, you will see the task pane. This is used to control exactly what you want to do with the different photographs. This is where you will select the crop and red-eye removal tools from.

Red Eye Removal

To remove the red eyes from a photo, you will need to zoom in so that the eyes fill the whole screen. To do this, click on the zoom tool and then drag a box around the eyes. Once you are zoomed in, select the red eye tool by clicking on it from the task pane. This will display a new settings window where you can adjust various things about the Red Eye removal tool. The slider can be used to change the size of the brush. Try to make it the same size as the red spot in the eye.

To use the Red Eye tool, simply click on the red parts of the eye. This will automatically fix the problem and even up the colors of the eyes. Once you have finished, you can then close the red eye dialog box. There is also an auto fix option which can be used. While this does normally work, it might also affect other parts of your photo if you're not careful.

Cropping the Photo

To crop the photo, you should first zoom out so that you can see the whole thing. To do this, select the zoom drop down box and click Fit to Page. Now, click the Crop tool in the Tools pane. A new dialog box will appear where you can select the type of crop you want to use. There are lots of stylish designs which can be used, although the most common will probably be the rectangular crops.

Click on the crop style you want to use. Then, enter the dimensions to set the crop correctly. Drag the window around until it is in the correct position and then re-size it. The rest of the photo will be grayed out which shows that it will not be included in the photo.