Photoshop Effect: Retro Comic Book Look

If you are fairly experienced in using Photoshop, and can handle color changes and various image enhancement details (such as the night vision effect), then you may be eager to try something new. Adding some retro comic book effect to your modern pictures can give you a great picture, while still being relatively easy to do. You may choose to upload these pictures onto your Facebook or Myspace page.

Step 1: Download Your Picture

The first thing that you need to do is to download the picture which you have chosen as your test subject. Make sure that it is placed onto a suitable location on your computer, so that you can find it again easily. Now, log onto Adobe Photoshop, and ask it to create a new image. You will be offered the choice of all the pictures in your computer, so all you need to do is select the one you have chosen, and press OK.

Step 2: Alter the Picture

Now you have the picture, you can begin changing the effects. You will need to create several layers in the picture. To do this, go to the tab marked Image, click Adjustments, and then choose levels from the drop down box. Once you have the new level, you can begin changing the appearance to that of a comic book. Do this by going into the Filters tab, clicking on Artistic, and then selecting Film Grain from your options. For an illustrated appearance, grain should be about 5, with an intensity of 10, although you should adjust this until you find an appearance that you like.

Step 3: Create the Comic Look

Now you have this illustrated appearance, you can take the image, and duplicate another layer. This layer should then be selected, and halftone applied. Do this by clicking into Filter again, then Pixelate, which should allow you to select Color Halftone. Set the max radius to a suitable limit, and allow the rest to stay as they were. Accept this change, and then click the Layers tab, and go to Palette. Set the Blending Mode to a darker level.

Step 4: Add Details

When you have this comic book grain, you can add layers to the top left and bottom right of the picture. An orange rectangle at the top and then a white rectangle at the bottom look like the text boxes on old comics. You can add captions using a free font called Digital Strip, which can be downloaded. Write the date the picture was taken in the boxes, plus other details or comments.

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