Photoshop Art: Cloning People

Cloning people in the same image is possible with Photoshop Art, and the outcome is quite realistic. Here is how you can clone a person three times in a single image.

Step 1: Take Three Shots

You will need to take three shots of the same scene at a constant angle, with the same person in three different locations within the scene. Take this indoors with a tripod and avoid any moving backgrounds or differences in light settings between the three images. 

Step 2: Open the Three Shots in Photoshop

After you have initialized Photoshop, open all three images in your workspace.

Step 3: Layer the Three Images in One File

Using one of the shots as the base image, drag the other two photos over it. You will now see that you have three layers in the Layer panel on your right, and each layer is a separate image. Close the other two photos by clicking on their X button, leaving the base image open.

Step 4: Align the Layers

Click on each of the layers, and drag them on the image to align them properly over each other.

Step 5: Cloning

Turn off the top layer by clicking in the square next to the layer in the Layer panel. Now, click on the Lasso Tool from the vertical tool bar on the left and select the person in the second layer with it. Then, click on Select on the top menu bar and choose Inverse, and then press the Delete button. Now you will find two images of the same person in the image.

Turn on the top layer and do the exact same thing by selecting the person in the layer with the Lasso Tool and then doing an inverse selection. Now, you have three of the same person in different locations in the same image. You have successfully cloned a person in the same image.