PhotoShine: How to Use

PhotoShine is a unique graphic photo collage program that adds your photos to template formats. Choose from cartoon graphics, romantic styles, cute girl looks and even magazine covers. It has nine themes to choose from and is easy to use.

Step 1: Upload Your Photo

Load the photo by clicking the lime green folder, which is the “Open” icon in the PhotoShine toolbar.

Step 2: Select a Theme

Click the theme button. There are nine to explore. See what best fits your photos before choosing.

Step 3: Choose a Template

Select a template from PhotoShine’s 700 choices. Click on any picture template from the theme you chose. Remember to click on the page numbers too to see other template selections.

Step 4: Add Effects to Your Photos

Adjust the photos by double clicking on any of the photo areas in your collage. Try out the photo effects icons, the three smiling bears at the top of the screen, to enhance your picture. Add more photos by double clicking on the other photo areas.

Step 5: Save Your Work

Finalize everything then save by clicking on the orange folder at the top of the screen. Once completed, the collage can be shown to friends online or printed out.