PhotoPlus: Using AlbumPlus Organizer

AlbumPlus, or PhotoPlus, Organizer is a powerful photo manager, providing a very wide variety of possibilities for you to manage your photos and photo projects. This article will guide you through the main features of AlbumPlus.

Managing Thumbnails

With Thumbnail details 'on', information about the photo appears alongside a selected thumbnail, such as media type, tags, star rating and more. With thumbnails, various sorting options are offered to you to choose from, such as: Photo time, Album time, Caption, Rating and more.

Rating Photos

Rate your photos in the Photo pane by selecting thumbnails and choosing the star corresponding to the desired rating. Stars appear on the toolbar of Full screen mode as well.

Changing Photo Time

Click on the date or time displays on the thumbnail and choose your preferred details.

Adding File Information

Select a thumbnail and click Display, then select Photo Information. Select Title, Subject, Comment or other information and type the desired details in the text box.

Operating the Tags Pane

A default tag structure brought to a new album can be modified easily. To create tags, you need to click the Add Tag button and type in the Name text box. A new tag is considered a sub-tag of an already existing one.

Searching by Tag

With the Tags pane shown and tag list expanded, select tick box of corresponding Tags. For more comfort, you have Match All/Any Tags options, a frequency visual indication and an unassigned tag to search for photos with no tags.

Searching by Media Type

Click the Search button on the main toolbar and select one of the options appearing. You can filter your photos by the specific sub-options displayed to you.

Creating Photo Projects

Select several thumbnails, click Create&Share and choose from the options: Slideshow, Flash Slideshow, Screensaver, Panorama, Calendars, Postcards, Greeting Cards or Photo Albums. You can then add more photos, rearrange them and edit your project. Different menus will appear, allowing you to modify the options of your project.

Sharing Your Projects

Select one or more thumbnails, click Create&Share and choose from different options: Send to Cell Phone, Send to Email, Upload to YouTube/Facebook and more. Then, various menus and options will appear so that you can successfully share your project the way you want.

Editing Your Photos

The main toolbar's Fix&Enhance button allows you to improve your photos. You have several buttons to choose from – from quick modifications like Rotate and Flip, to the PhotoPlus advanced editing options.

Reading a Histogram

Histograms are displayed by selecting a thumbnail, clicking on Display, selecting Photo Information and then the Properties box. It contains a histogram for the Red, Green, Blue and Composite channels.