PhotoPlus: Restoring Color

PhotoPlus helps you bring pictures back to life or make them come alive. It is a powerful software application that helps you remove flaws, restore colors, resize snaps, adjust exposures, restore old and faded photos, and do everything you have ever dreamed of when taking not so perfect pictures.

Photo Plus and Color Restoration

PhotoPlus gives you the chance to transform your photos adding an artistic style and unique effects, helping you achieve high quality results. Manipulating colors has never been easier. You can enhance the onscreen appearance of the photo using a sophisticated toolkit with a comprehensive selection of functions and effects. It features powerful optimization abilities, with extra attention to picture graphics.

PhotoPlus gives you a rather unrivalled combination of enhancement tools and easy to use options, with a rich collection of professional adjustments. Whether you want to remove the red eye effect, make your face look warmer, or make the colors more vivid, Photo Plus has a solution for you. Most pictures suffer from flawed color levels, because most of them are shot under non favorable light conditions. However, you can optimize colors and create an engaging photo with captivating, warm colors.

Editing Your Old Pictures

Photo editing and color restoration in older pictures is easy as well. If you have old pictures from your parents or ancestors, you can edit them and bring them back to life, making them look as if they were shot two days ago.  The brand new photo editing layout with paint brushes helps you arrange pictures, and enhance their color and vividness, making them look new. The brushes offer you the chance to get creative and apply as many strokes you want until you get a realistic result.