PhotoPlus: Creating a Vignette

PhotoPlus gives you the chance to use one of the most popular and common types of effects in digital photography and editing: the vignette effect. Sometimes you need to blend the edges of an image into or with the existing background; this is what you can do using the vignette effect.

The vast majority of image editors and professionals use the vignette effect to edit their images, especially when they want to attract attention or draw attention to a particular angle or scene in the picture. Here is how you can use vignette:

Step 1: Open PhotoPlus

Go to PhotoPlus and click on the View Tabs. Check layers tab to ensure that layers are visible. Click on Convert to Filter Layers.

Step 2: Work on the Filter Gallery

Now that you have the Filter Gallery open, go to the Other categories at the right top of the screen and select the Vignette filter.

Step 3: Adjust the Colors

At the right bottom of the program screen, you will see the color square. Click on it and open the vignette filter. You will see the adjust color window opening and there you can select the color you wish to set as a background for your picture. Once you have selected the color you want, you can press OK to go back to the previous window – the Filter Gallery.

Step 4: Make Final Adjustments

Once you are at the Filter Gallery window again, you can make your final adjustments, managing the shape and location of the background (and the oval part that surrounds the picture of the area you are working on).