PhotoOne: Picking the Right Version

PhotoOne is studio management software that helps professional photographers streamline and run their business smoothly. While all the versions of this software are great, picking the right one is important. Your selection largely depends on your requirements and budget. Here are the different versions and their features.

PhotoOne Lite

This provides the basic tools required to get your business started and running as a photographer. It has features like client management, emailing of sales, financial details, automatic generation of appointment reminders, invoices and an order management system. Apart from these, you can also import your excel data sheets, process credit cards, and generate company labels along with the MS Outlook software. With tools that help you organize your images and make presentations, this program is definitely for photographers who are just warming up to begin their careers.

PhotoOne Studio

This version is a step ahead the previous one with more advanced features. The software helps you manage your clients, maintain their files and invoices, and store them for easy retrieval. This version also features the basic tools as in the 'Lite' version. It is almost like having a personal assistant managing the activities in your studio. This product is for you if you have a medium or small size business studio.

PhotoOne Premium

If you are a photographer with a medium size studio and are looking forward to growing your business, then this version is a must. It has all the basic features as the other two versions and also more enhanced tools. These tools help you maintain relations with clients, create professional invoices and order tracking, and produce automated marketing plans. You can assign permission levels for your employees to access information from the set up. Therefore, if you have an extensive schedule lined up for your studio, PhotoOne Premium can help you by reducing and making your work simple, fast and easy.