PhotoImpact X3: Features and Benefits

PhotoImpact X3 from Ulead Systems is versatile photo editing software coupled with tools and features for creating stunning digital art. This software stands out among similar editing products in its class, as it requires a short learning curve to master the basic editing operations, and at the same time, offers advanced features required by professionals. Below are some of the features of PhotoImpact X3 and the benefits they offer.

ExpressFix Feature

This feature is ideal for novices who are looking to edit their shots without going into the technical aspects. You can edit the color saturation and correct the exposure with the help of preset thumbnails, which are displayed for each shot. You just need to select the preset which you find visually the most appealing. This is a simple visual way of editing photos without tweaking any slider controls or adjusting values.

White Balance Tool

For correcting the white balance in your shots and getting the most natural color, you can use the White Balance Tool. You can select the Auto feature of this tool, which will automatically edit your shots, or you can select from six presets which offer the different light conditions.

Noise Reduction

The automatic Noise Reduction feature is particularly helpful for people who are shooting with a camera with a low resolution. Also, if you shoot in poor light, this feature will clear all grain and digital artifacts which commonly occur in such conditions.

SmartCurves Tool

The SmartCurves tool enables you to get more details by extending the dynamic range of an image. This improves the details in areas under shadow, and at the same time does not over-expose the areas which are highlighted.

Cropping Tools

Among the Cropping Tools, there are two new ones: Rule of Thirds Crop and Golden Ratio Crop. The Golden Ratio provides more of a natural crop by overlaying curves and lines, whereas Rule of Thirds gives you a better composition by an overlaying grid.

Easy Extraction and Insertion of Objects

PhotoImpact X3 has a range of tools for Selection and Object. These tools enable you to insert object/s on to the shot directly without using any layers. You can also edit the object/s directly on your shot. For extracting objects of any shape from your shot, there is the Object Extraction Wizard where you need to brush the outline of the object for easy extraction.

Multiple Formats

In PhotoImpact, you can process images in a variety of formats including RAW data. There is also easy conversion of 24 bit images to 48 bits and can use most of the tools for editing the converted images.

Massive Library

You will find a large collection of images, objects and effects in the improved EasyPalette section, and there are also various templates for labels and DVD menus.

Bonus Programs and Intuitive Help

PhotoImpact X3 also bundles Corel MediaOne, which is a cataloguing and organizing suite, and the Corel Painter Essential, which is digital art software. The SmartGuide feature walks you through various steps of your project and provides exhaustive guides for all tasks.