PhotoImpact Pro: Using the ExpressFix Option

PhotoImpact Pro, made by Ulead Systems, is a sophisticated image editing software at a very reasonable price. Although not at par with Photoshop when you consider the number of features, PhotoImpact scores over its competition in terms of enabling the average user to produce high-end images quickly, using a very easy interface with a highly responsive guidance system. Apart from photo editing, with this software, you can also design web pages, create DVD menus and design labels for DVDs/CDs and greeting cards.

One of the most helpful features in PhotoImpact is the ExpressFix mode, which enables even absolute beginners to edit photos quickly and in the most uncomplicated way.

Uncomplicated Interface

As the name suggests, ExpressFix mode provides an easy and quick interface to do your usual editing of photos. As you open the ExpressFix screen, you will find that all the tools are presented in a natural sequence, in the way they are often used. This makes your workflow smooth and easier.


The ExpressFix screen has menus on the top and on the right, with a viewing window in the middle where you can see your image under three tabs: Before, After and Dual View. In Dual View, you can see the before and after effects of your editing process side by side.

Automatic Adjustments

There are two automatic adjustments: Smart Curves and Reduce Noise. These automatic adjustment filters are very convenient with their single click operation, especially when you are trying to edit a large batch of photos.

Adjustment Categories

Under the automatic adjustments, you will find six other adjustment categories namely, Beautify Skin, Focus, Color Saturation, Color Cast, Subject Exposure and Overall Exposure. When you click on any of these adjustments, you will be conveniently guided through the editing process with the help of thumbnail images which will be displayed below these six categories.

You will be shown a range of thumbnail images, which depict the possible changes, and you just need to click on the particular thumbnail to apply the change. For example, if you have loaded a portrait photo and clicked on "Beautify Skin," the thumbnail images will show the range of the best changes possible for the skin tone, and you can choose one of them by clicking on it. The same applies for all the other categories as well. Again, this provides a very quick way of editing your photos, as you are given a visual presentation of the best changes possible.

If you are not satisfied by the given range of possible changes, you can click on the "Customize" button. This will provide you with a range of slider controls that will enable you to precisely fine tune your image.

Crop and Straighten Tools

The ExpressFix mode now also incorporates two additional tools. The "Crop Tool" will let you correctly compose your image to the required dimensions and the "Straighten Tool" is excellent for adjusting images that are askew, which were shot at an odd angle.

Thus, we see that the ExpressFix mode has all the sophisticated editing features and an all-in-one solution for quick editing of photos.