PhotoImpact Pro: Making Lower-Third Graphics

PhotoImpact Pro is one photo editing software that delivers total image editing. It allows you to easily manage, create, archive and enhance your digital photograph collection. Apart from standardized digital photography applications, PhotoImpact has impressive features that enable you to create high production value assets, along with creating stunning graphics and web pages with a strong visual punch. All of this is due to a number of filters, special effects and professional raster, vector and 3D tool options available natively.

Apart from the great production, PhotoImpact allows you to create a variety of photo projects and share them with friends and relatives over social networks. This tutorial briefly explains what how to generate the “lower-third” graphic component using the component designer feature of PhotoImpact.

Step 1: Using Component Designer

The Component Designer is a powerful tool that helps you create path and text based web components such as banners, bullets, buttons, icons, rollover buttons, button bars, separators and lower- thirds. PhotoImpact offers you a vast range of possibilities for creating fascinating objects through Component Designer, the integrated application.

It helps you quickly and easily create ten stunning high-quality path- and text- based Web and Video & DVD components, including banners, bullets, buttons, button bars, icons, rollover buttons, separators, lower-third, title objects and DVD menu buttons.

Its intuitive user interface lets you make a Web or Video & DVD component in just three steps:

  1. Select a component template
  2. Customize it
  3. Export it to a usable file or portable storage media device

You can export the image to PhotoImpact for further customization, or to Image Optimizer to minimize image file size and download time.

For button bars and rollover buttons, you can even export the HTML code directly to a Web page. After you have modified a component template, you can preview the changes in real-time, then export it immediately.

Step 2: Creating Lower-Third Graphics

PhotoImpact lets you create and add various objects for your video and DVD menu. Use a video lower-third to add animations or text at the bottom third portion of the video. Add navigation buttons, frames, and bullets for your DVD menus as needed. Note: These objects can be used in other applications as overlays with alpha channel transparencies.

To create a lower-third, simply do the following:

  1. Select Web: Component Designer
  2. Click the plus (+) sign beside Lower-Third. This will expand its subfolder to display a template type list
  3. Select a template and click Next

Step 3: Saving Lower-Third Graphics

To save the lower-third graphic generated by you, you will enter title name and determine other settings as needed. Once done, you will click Export and navigate to a suitable location using file browser to select where to save the lower-third.

Once you have followed the steps as laid out above, you will have have successfully created and saved a lower-third graphic using PhotoImpact, which can be used in web pages, home DVD movies, personal photo albums and more.