PhotoFiddle: Getting Started

PhotoFiddle is an online service where you can convert your digital photos into various art styles. You can have them printed on canvas and delivered to your home. Here are the simple steps to get you started.

Step 1: Select the Art Style

Log onto the PhotoFiddle website. Here, you will find a wide variety of styles which you can apply to your photo. You can convert your photo into a tinted image like sepia, black and white or red tint, or you can go for a wide variety of painting effects. There are 16 painting styles which include Contour Brush, Oil Paint Style, Van Gogh Style and Swirl Brush. With the choices under the B&W Sketches and Color Sketches tabs, you can convert your photo into a pencil drawing or other type of sketch.

Step 2: Upload Your Images

After you have selected your art style, you will be prompted to upload the photo or photos you want converted. You can crop and resize your photo and get a preview of your image in the style you have selected.

Step 3: Choose the Canvas Style and Size

PhotoFiddle offers various canvas styles like Pop Art, a variety of collages and also various sizes that can fit any wall, ranging from 8 inches to canvases more than six feet in length.