Photodex Proshow Producer: What You Get in Version 4.5

Photodex Proshow Producer is a slide show creation program that is commonly used by professionals. You will have no problem impressing anyone with the slide shows that you are able to create in Photodex Proshow Producer. A few of the new features that come with Photodex Proshow Producer version 4.5 include a creation wizard, new transitions effects, and new slide styles.

1. New Creation Wizard

Photodex Proshow Producer features a brand new built-in creation wizard that can help you create an awesome slide show in a matter of minutes. If you want to keep things basic, simply add content to your slide show, select a slide style, and let Photodex Proshow Producer put your slide show together for you. The new creation wizard that is available in Photodex Proshow Producer 4.5 also comes with over 20 themes and 720 effects.

2. New Transitions Effects

You will have a blast creating slide shows with the over 100 new transitions effects that are featured in Photodex Proshow Producer 4.5. A few of the new transitions effects that come with Photodex Proshow Producer include scroll, page curl, and light ray. Photodex Proshow Producer 4.5 even allows you to create and save your own custom transitions effects.

3. New Slide Styles

Photodex Proshow Producer 4.5 comes with over 170 new, built-in slide styles. Some of the new slide styles that come with Photodex Proshow Producer are shelf spread, soft picture float, and picture pair glide. The slide styles make customizing your slide show presentation easy because they feature animations and pre-made effects that are automatically applied to a slide when you select the style.