Photodex Proshow Mediasource: Travel Keepsakes Overview

Photodex Proshow is software that enables you to share your travel keepsakes and memories with friends, family and relatives. Photodex Proshow provides you with a huge selection of tasteful photo backgrounds, templates and title designs that are pertinent to traveling. All you need to do is drag and drop the pictures and the software does the rest.

Image Content

The image content of the Photodex Proshow is comprised of stylized borders paired with themed and abstract backgrounds. There are almost 150 backgrounds to choose from. All of these backgrounds are compatible with standard and widescreen TV formats. There is also a wide selection of photo borders and layer masks to choose from. These visual elements can dramatically enhance the theme of the show and its overall appearance by allowing you to blend multiple images and create advanced special effects.

Apart from the above-specified elements, Photodex Proshow also consists of Menu Templates for building custom DVD menus (over 100 options to choose from) and Show Templates that save considerable times by matching photo borders and background designs.

Audio Content

Photodex Proshow also comes loaded with audio that you can directly use out of the box with your travel shows. These audio tracks range from edgy, classical, contemporary and modern beats. There are a total of 10 tracks that you can use royalty free aside from adding your own selections.