Photodex Pro Show Producer: An Overview

Photodex Pro Show Producer is highly sophisticated software for making professional looking slideshows. It has a host of tools and features enabling you to create various effects and manage the production quickly and export it in various formats.

Easy to use Interface and Wide Compatibility

Photodex supports simple drag and drop operations for creating a slideshow with your video clips or photos. There is also a wizard for instant slideshow creation. You need to add your images and select a theme and the wizard does the rest of cleverly mixing you images into an outstanding show. You can practically add any kind of image as the software supports more than 100 file formats which includes RAW too.


Show Producer provides an unlimited amount of layers for every slide which gives you wide opportunity to create borders, various montages and so on. Advanced editing features like Masking, Adjustment Layers and Keyframing are integrated so that you can create effects directly. There is a separate Keyframe editor which gives various options for creating motion effects and captions.

Transitions and Slide Styles

Photodex provides a library of more than 250 styles for the slides and more than 450 effects for transitions. You can preview these numerous options and add it to your show making it look more professional and giving it a creative touch. You can also create and save your own styles and transitions.

Protect and Share

The software enables you to add watermark to your creations so that you can restrict unauthorized use. Photodex also has a built-in upload feature to transfer your work to sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo. The company also has its own site, where you can share your creation with others for free.

Quality Output

With Photodex you can output your work in high quality HD. Apart from HD you also have various options for output in a range of high quality formats.