PhotoAcute Studio 101

PhotoAcute Studio is a digital image editing program that allows you to increase the image resolution, dynamic range and depth of field of your images. PhotoAcute Studio can also help you reduce noise, chromatic aberrations and geometry distortions in your photos. Basically, with PhotoAcute Studio, there is no such thing as a bad photo. PhotoAcute Studio is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Remove Unwanted Moving Objects

Have you ever taken a photo, only to realize that someone stepped into your shot just as you took it? Depending on how fast the person was moving, you may even see the same person two or three times in the same photo. PhotoAcute Studio contains a feature that will automatically remove the unwanted moving object from your photo so that you are only left with the main subject of your photo.

Dynamic Range Expansion

One of the best features of PhotoAcute Studio is dynamic range expansion. If the lighting is poor where you are taking a photograph, your photo will likely be dark and details will be missing from your photo. PhotoAcute Studio is able to use an advanced weighting technique to expand the dynamic range of your photo, which will brighten your photo and restore shadows.

Chromatic Aberrations Corrections

Do you have any photos that have fringes of colors around the subject of your image? That is known as a chromatic aberration. Chromatic aberrations are caused by the way your camera lens focuses light. With a single click of your mouse, PhotoAcute Studio is able to remove any and all chromatic aberrations from your photo.