Photo Slideshow on DVD: the Basics

A photo slideshow on DVD is a great way to show all of your photos in a creative and entertaining way. These slideshows can be played on the TV, mobile devices and your computer. It is very easy to create a slideshow, and the software supports all different types of output formats. This is a preferable way to view your vacation photos or other pictures.

Photo Collections

This is an excellent tool for photo collectors, as the software allows users to view, store and then share their pictures with all of their friends and family. The software allows for a 3 step workflow that allows for easy building of slideshows. There are preset options for slideshows and the ability to customize all shows. There are soundtrack options to add music to the slideshow, and many transitions to choose from.


The software offers some basic photo editing functions. While this editing will not be able to create the advanced editing from professional software, it will take care of common mistakes. The photo editing that can be done includes brightness, cropping, red eye reduction, contrast and a few other common corrections. This produces vibrant, colorful and detailed photos that will be fantastic when they are on screen.

Photo Album

The software will create its own digital photo albums. All of the pictures that can be used will need to be first imported into a digital photo album. Once the photos can be previewed in the software, they can then be dragged and dropped into the order desired for the slideshow. The order of the photos can be altered. Different transitions can be added in between the photos, and a soundtrack can also be added.

Output Format

The slideshow and video can be converted to many different formats and played on all different types of media devices. Slide shows can be formatted to SWF flash, FLV, MPEG-4, MPEG, VCD 2.0, SVCD and regular DVD. View your new slideshow on your TV, DVD player, computer, iPod or other portable media device. The MPEG-4 format can be played on types of cellular phones. The SWF flash format is perfect for e-mailing the slideshow or posting it online. The slideshow can be burned to a CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R or DVD-RW.

Dynamic Slideshows

The software is best for producing dynamic slideshows. With all of the options available in the software, eye catching slideshow. Including animations and transitions make the photos a lot of fun. Add different captions, decorations, captions, music and more to dress up and make your photos stand out.

Photo Slideshows

This software is perfect for those individuals that want to create photo slideshows. It was designed specifically for slideshows and all of the functions are based around creating and sharing these slideshows. The audio sync can be altered to fit each of the slides, and the slideshows can even be used as screensavers on your computer. The results are professional, and the visuals, transitions and sounds are all seamless and produce the optimal showcase for photos.