Photo Go: An Overview

Photo Go is a software product by Sony Creative software. This easy-to-use photo management software is known for its intuitiveness. The software is generally used to touch up, fix, organize and export pictures to any device. It is a simple solution for photo management and avoids a lot of last minute headaches.

Finding and Organizing Pictures

Photo Go allows you to sit back and relax because it will automatically find all of the images on the hard drive and will classify them accordingly (in an orderly manner). All you have to do is choose the classification criteria. You will no longer have to scour the hard disk for that one elusive photograph. You can also tag your photos to find them easily or simply classify them according to attributes, time and date.

Even the pictures from external devices and photographic equipment are also directly imported into the Photo Go manager. You can also assign ratings to pictures from 1 to 5 stars and easily find you favorites later. It is easy as a pie.

Fixing and Enhancing Photos

The Photo Go software provides for easy one touch photo corrections like fixing contrast, colors and red eye effects. Additionally, you can add in effects to convert the pictures into classics. These effects range from pop art to black and white to sepia.


If you get stuck at any point, the software even has a series of show me how tutorials that are fully interactive and show you where to click and point. These tutorials guide you and help you improve your workflow.