Photo Explosion: Using QuickFix Studio

Photo explosion is a photo editing program that provides basic editing functions. This is favorable for individuals that do not need or want the deluxe and advanced editing that is available from Photoshop and other photo programs. This is a type of project application that offers more than just photo editing. This is perfect for amateur photographers who want to do quick edits to photos, but do not need advanced editing tools.


The Quick Fix studio offers one click options to retouch and edit photos. The different features found in this section include red eye, crop, straighten, lens vignette, chromatic aberration, lens distortion, brightness, contrast, color, grayscale and sharpen. The software will automatically analyze the image and then apply the proper fix. Many of the functions will use sliders so you can alter different settings and preview the new changes. With one click of the mouse, many different issues can be easily fixed. The Quickfix studio is the only place where editing tools appear within the program.


Some of the many enhancements that make this software good are that all of the changes can be previewed and then easily undone if they do not work. Many of these adjustments can be applied automatically, or they can be controlled manually for advanced editing. There are several special lenses that can be applied to create unique images such as spotlight, fat, thin and warp. The images can all be custom framed or decorations can be applied directly to the photo. Special effects, captions and much more can all be added to the photo.

Sharing Photos

Photo explosion is all about creating projects and it is possible to transform the photos into memorable keepsakes, calendars, posters and greeting cards. There are thousands of different project templates available. It is possible to send a photo album or individual photos to friends and family, or create slide shows, animation, albums and web cards. The edited photos can be stored on an iPod, mobile phone or other media devices. Storage by different media is possible because the photos are converted into GIF animations.

With Photo explosion, it is simple to edit photos with the quickfix studio and then create photo discs, slide shows and other options. Photo Explosion also has deals with printers so that your images can be printed on mugs, t-shirts, calendars and more. You will receive a discount each time you have an item printed. This provides even more options for use of your edited images.

Easy to Use

Photo explosion is easy to use because of the 1 click quickfix studio. There are no additional advanced editing options so you do not have to worry about navigating through various menus. Many times, photo enthusiasts are not interested in the additional advanced features. These features can increase the price of the software and is lost money as they will never be used. Instead, find software that provides the basic edit that are used by almost anyone. Many users do not want more than the ability to get rid of red eye, crop photos and take care of color issues.