Photo Explosion: Uploading Photos to Facebook

Photo Explosion is a great and new software package that promises to be an alternative to the mighty Adobe Photoshop at a budget price, and still be competitive with it. It promises to deliver a powerful combination of editing features that are coupled with some great social sharing options, which will surely attract the home user segment. Photo Explosion provides native support to social media sharing and has been actively developing more and more functionality in this direction. One of the most usable features of photo explosion is its ability to actively upload and sync photos and albums to Facebook accounts. The following tutorial examines Facebook uploads specifically.

Step 1: Launch Photo Explosion

You will double click on the Photo explosion icon on your desktop to launch the software package, and will select the share option from the home screen. You may also opt to create a new photo album to later share and distribute over the Internet.

Step 2: Upload Photos to Facebook

The latest features in Photo Explosion allow you to upload your pictures to Facebook without using your web browser and logging into your Facebook account via conventional means. You will need to select the pictures that you would like to share over Facebook. You will select the Facebook option from the share menu and will have to provide your Facebook credentials the first time you do this. Once you have provided the credentials, your Facebook account will be linked to Photo Explosion.

Following this, you will be able to select the view and sharing permissions for your Facebook photo albums that you want to upload the pictures to. Once you have done that, you will select the photographs that you would like to share over Facebook and then publish them.

After this, your photo explosion albums will automatically sync with your Facebook albums. You can also directly click a public link and visit the Facebook album that you uploaded the pictures to and view them in a browser. You can now go ahead and edit these photos, change the descriptions on them, add more, and organize or add information to the entire album. These details can also be provided directly through photo explanation. You can also create and share nametags for these photos between photo explosion and Facebook.

Step 3: Share over Other Networks

If you want, you may extend the upload and share functionality to other social networks that you may be a part of as well. Owing to its integrated web support, photo explosion will allow you to continuously generate content and share it over a variety of platforms like eBay, MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, SendPhotos, Youtube and other websites.

Following these easy steps, you have now successfully shared photos between photo explosion and Facebook without using the integrated Facebook uploading software.