Photo Explosion: Sharing on Mobile Phones

Photo Explosion is a great, new software package developed by Nova Development and aims to capture the market segment of people who are just starting out with photo editing. It’s pretty easy to install and use, and might turn out to be the budget alternative to the mighty Adobe Photoshop. Do not expect it to work wonders like the Adobe Photoshop though; it was never intended to be a replacement.

One of the best features about this software is that its sharing abilities are second to none. A unique combination of intuitive and easily accessible editing features coupled with some great social sharing options make it a great option for home users. Photo Explosion provides native support for sharing with mobile phones and has been providing new features in this direction. It even allows you to share content by using an iPhone app. The following tutorial describes how to share on mobile phones by using this software.

Step 1: Launch Photo Explosion

You will have to locate and double click on the Photo explosion icon on your desktop to initiate the software package. Next, you will select the sharing option from the home screen and proceed to share photos over mobile phones.

Step 2: Upload Photos to Mobile Devices

Photo Explosion allows you to upload your pictures to any mobile device and actively share them over a network (Bluetooth PAN or Wireless LAN). You can also use the USB connection options to do the same (you will need the USB cable that came with your mobile phone). You will be required build a secure or public connection with the mobile device before you select the pictures that you would like to share with a mobile device.

Using passkeys can do this as well. Once you have established a connection, Photo Explosion will push the required files to the mobile devices. Following this, you will be able to view your pictures over your chosen mobile device. You can also snap photos using our mobile device and share them instantaneously with the Photo Explosion library on your desktop or personal computer.

Step 3: Additional Functions

Photo explosion also allows you to execute frame captures with mobile devices and associated webcams. You can also save photographs in formats that are compatible with your mobile phones or other mobile and handheld devices. Another feature that deserves a mention is the ability to create animations, wallpapers, pictures and mobile picture elements for your mobile phone. You can also choose to save the animations in a graphics interchange format and enhance them for use in your mobile device like a phone or an iPod.