Photo Essentials: Improving Upon Photoshop

Photo Essentials, which is made by onOne Software, is a set of tools that are designed to work with Adobe Photoshop Elements. You can use the tools to replace unwanted backgrounds in your photos, enlarge pictures, add professional looking effects and much more. Adobe Photoshop Elements is already a great program, but the tools that are included with Photo Essentials will make your life easier and take Photoshop Elements to the next level.

1. Removing Backgrounds

It is extremely easy to remove unwanted backgrounds with Photo Essentials. With Photo Essentials, you are able to paint away a background so that you are only left with the subject of your photo. When you apply a new background to your photo, Photo Essentials will use its color decontamination technology to blend the subject of your photo with the new background.

2. Enlarging Photos

With most photo editing programs, when you enlarge a photo, you lose some of the detail and sharpness of the photo. With Photo Essentials, the sharpness and detail of your photos will always remain, even if you enlarge the photo to poster size. If you like taking pictures with your cell phone, then you will love being able to print them out with Photo Essentials.

3. Effects

When you purchase Photo Essentials, you are given access to over 40 effects that you can apply to your photos with a single click of your mouse. Making your photos look like old film photos is easy with Photo Essentials. You can even stack effects on top of each other to create a very unique looking photo.