Photo Editing Technique: Color Accents

Attributing a photo with colour accents is one of the most effective photo editing techniques to enhance the form of the photo. The best part served by the colour accents option is accentuating the black and white photographs and create a striking visual effect. Below mentioned are some different steps to implement the colour accents in a picture you wish to transform.

Step 1- Select a photo

Pick up a photo from your collection of pictures. It is best to use a photo bearing objects decked in striking colours.

Step 2- Create an adjustment layer and White Layer

In order to attribute the photo with colour accents, you need to add up a Black and White layer on top of the colour level. In order to do this, simply save the copy of the actual photo as Greyscale and overlay it. This will prevent the original photo undergo any damages in case we make any mistake. Next, make a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer.

Step 3- Adjust the Saturation Level

Now, you need to change the level of saturation. This will help in controlling the amount of colour to be applied to the image. If you want to set it to Grayscale, then set the saturation level at the lowest point.

Step 4- Modify the Mask

The next step includes minute observation of the layer details of the new adjustment layer you have just made. You will find two-boxes. The first box is meant for the Hue/Saturation levels and the second for layer mask. Photoshop generally uses a grayscale in order to determine the intensity of the mask. The White portion in the mask implies that it has been applied 100% and Black 0%. In order to "paint" your color back, apply black to the mask.

Step 5- Pull out the Color

Now, if you wish, you can very well emphasize some objects in the photo with a colour of your choice. There is an option to select arange of colors. Go to the Select menu and you will find it under "Color Range". Hide your adjustment layer before using this tool, thus you will be able to see the original. As, the original layer will be visible, click on the "Color Range". Then use the dropper and select the color you want to show. After this, another mask will be visible in the Preview Window. Use the "Fuzziness" slider to increase the range of the selected colors. Continue sliding until you get what you are searching for.

Step 6- Colorize

After you select the range of the color, you will find your selection appear on your original image. Be sure to select the mask and start painting inside the selection. Once you are finished with the colour tinting, the selection will be clear and then you will be ready to view the final result.

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