Photo Editing in Xara Designer

Xara Designer makes photo editing very easy. Xara Designer is a suite of applications designed for web developers. This should make creating professional looking websites a breeze. As photos are an important part of any website, this software is very helpful. When using Xara Designer you are able to touch up, crop and edit photos to your hearts content.

The photos can then be dropped onto your website where ever you want them to appear. This makes it very simple to create websites that you can be proud of. There are a number of options that you have available when editing photos.

Step 1: Loading Xara

First, you should open Xara by selecting it from the start menu. With it selected, you then need to load the photo that you want to open. This is simply a matter of clicking File, Open and selecting the photo. Once the photo is opened, you will be able to see it. Try and identify the things that you need to adjust to make it much better. You might need to zoom into the photo so that you get a better view of the problems with a picture.

Step 2: Adjusting an Underexposed Image

If your image is too dark, then this means that it was underexposed. This can happen to anyone including professional photographers. An underexposed photo results because there wasn't enough light available for the camera settings. Xara designer makes it possible to correct these underexposed photos so that you can make use of them.

Open the levels dialog box if it's not already open. This will allow you to adjust various settings about the colors including the brightness. Click on the photo to select it. Then, you can adjust the brightness by moving the histogram of colors. The blue from an underexposed photo can also be neutralized, which will make the photo look much better and more normal.

Step 3: Removing Elements

One of the most common editing projects that you need to do with photos is remove elements. Removing parts of the photo with Xara is very simple. If you are trying to take a historic photograph, for example, then you might want to remove anything that looks too modern.

Xara has an interesting and useful clone feature which is much easier to use than many other photo editing packages. To do this, select the knife tool and cut around the affected area roughly. Then, click the background and make a copy of it, which will be put on top of the image. The piece can then be cut out and put on top. Click on the fill tool and hold down the shift key. Then, drag around the area to navigate around the whole photo.

Find some texture which looks similar to the area you are replacing. Feather the edges to hide the harsh border between the different elements. While this isn't a clone tool, it can help you to achieve much more sophisticated results.