Photo Bundle: Explaining it's Plugins

When you purchase Photo Bundle from Alien Skin Software, you are gaining access to five different plug-ins. Those plug-ins are Blow Up, Bokeh, Exposure, Image Doctor and Snap Art. By purchasing Photo Bundle instead of buying the below plug-ins separately, you will experience a savings of $500. This guideline will go over the main features of each of the plug-ins that are included with Photo Bundle.

1. Blow Up

Blow Up is a image enlargement plug-in that is compatible with Adobe Photoshop. Not only does Blow Up produce sharp looking enlargements, this plug-in will also save you time when you are preparing your image enlargements for print.

2. Bokeh

Bokeh is a plug-in that allows you to apply creative focus effects to your images. By using Bokeh, you will be able to manipulate the depth of field, focus and vignette of your photos, which allows you to draw attention to a specific subject.

3. Exposure

Exposure is a photo editing plug-in. You will have a blast expressing your creative side by applying any of the 500 presets that are included with Exposure to your photos.

4. Image Doctor

There is no such thing as a bad photo when you are using Image Doctor. Image Doctor allows you to restore old photos, retouch new photos, remove unwanted objects from photos, repair low quality JPEG images and much more.

5. Snap Art

If you like turning your photos into art, then you will love Snap Art. With a single click of your mouse, Snap Art will automatically transform your photo into a piece of art that is worthy of being displayed in a gallery.