Photo Album Software: Using Corel Photo Album 7

Photo album software enables you to manage, organize and share your photos, edit them, create certain effects and also create slide shows and calendars. A popular one is the Corel Photo Album 7, and here are some guidelines which will help you get started.

Getting Started Wizard

The Getting Started Wizard is the easiest way to start using the main application. You have four buttons on the left side which are Browse, Enhance, Create and Import. When you click on any of these buttons it shows you an open file window on the right where you can choose the photo or image you want to work on and then you can go to the appropriate place in the main application for editing.

Clicking on Browse will give you several search criteria in the window from which you can choose to get to your photo. Clicking on the Enhance button you are given a choice of all the usual editing tools you would need to edit your photo like removing red eye, cropping and so on. When you click on the required tool you are taken to exact location in the main application where you can execute the particular editing procedure you have chosen. The Create Button will let you create various things like calendar, slide shows, DVD and so on. The Import Button allows you to import photos directly from your digital camera. It will find your photos and bring them into a photo tray in Photo Album 7.

Main Window

You can also execute all these procedures by going directly to the applications main window. This window has four main tabs on the left which are Home, Enhance, Show and Create. These tabs provide an easy interface to get to the procedure you want to execute, as opposed to searching through long menus and sub menus.