Panoweaver: Stitching HDR Images

Panoweaver is sophisticated software for stitching photos, which enables you to create partial or full panoramic images and good quality HDR images. The software supports HDR image creation from RAW files or images taken by the Bracket settings in a camera.

Step 1 - Open HDR Window

When you click on the Panoweaver icon to launch the program it gives you several options. From the options select "Create HDR Image", and the software will open in the window where you can create your HDR image.

Step 2 - Import Images

In the window that opens click on the first icon on the left under the menu bar; this is for importing images. Browse and select your bracketed or RAW image files. There should be a minimum of at least three image files. Under the Source Images tab you will see your file name in the right panel and when you click on them you will see a small preview of the photo on the left.

Step 3 - Create HDR

Click on the Create HDR button which is next to the Import button. Panoweaver will create your HDR image and it will be displayed under the Result Image tab.

Step 4 - Make Adjustments

In the Result Image window you have slider controls for Exposure and Gamma levels. You can adjust these sliders to get the required image quality. You can also select the Bit Depth to either 32 bit HDRI or 8 bit LDRI.

Step 5 - Save

If you are satisfied with the outcome, click on the Save icon to save the newly created HDR image. The Save box offers various image formats for your HDR image and you can make the selection you need. Click on the Save button and you are done.