Panavue Imageassembler: Making a Panoramic Picture

Panavue Imageassembler is a tool that is designed to make it very easy to stitch your photographs together. This can be used to create stunning results, including beautiful panoramic photos. To do this is very easy, and it can be used to create a traditional panorama in a row, column or even a mosaic. A photo mosaic would combine photos both horizontally and vertically to create one massive image.

Step 1: Taking Photos

The first thing to do would be to take the photos that you want to turn into your panoramic photo. This is very easy to do as you simply need to take a photo and then move the camera each time. To make this easier, it's advisable to use a tripod. This makes sure that the camera is at the same height for each shot.

Step 2: Importing the Photos

Now connect your camera to your computer and import the photos as you normally would. Then, open them in Panavue Imageassembler.

Step 3: Stitching

This software features automatic stitching features, which means you simply need to click a button to start the process. The images will automatically be stitched together without any input from you, as long as the camera has been set up correctly. Sometimes there are errors, but these can be retouched slightly to improve them.

It also supports photo mosaics, which is a great feature. However, this is difficult to use as you must pay attention to the order the photos are loaded into the application.

Step 4: Previewing

The software shows a low resolution preview, which is a great way to check that everything is correct and as it should be. If not, you can change the settings without wasting any time.