Paintshop Photo Pro: Using the Express Lab

PaintShop Photo Pro provides the best workflow to quickly and easily produce, edit and compile photo images and projects. Images can be organized, retouched and then compiled in a slideshow or photo book. The express lab is available to help make quick adjustments to all photos. This can be directly accessed from the Organizer screen.

Touch Ups

Express lab offers fast touch ups to different objects and people found in the images. Some of the adjustments include noise problems, sharpness, color, exposure and red eye. This was designed specifically for speed editing, and all the mentioned adjustments are what can be considered quick fixes. These are some of the most commonly used functions for viewing, editing and managing images.


The different components in the Express lab includes the preview window in which the selected photo is displayed. The next and previous buttons allow the user to scroll through the different photos. Each photo can have its own star rating assigned. This is found in the right corner of the preview window at the bottom. The user assigns a star rating to his or her favorite photos. This makes finding the favorites easy.

The toolbar will contain all of the buttons needed for accessing the edits and different views. The media tray will display all of the photos in the folder that have been selected. There is a settings area for all of the settings used for all the tools. There is a special 'get photos' button to obtain any photos you want. The 'exit express lab' button allows the user to switch quickly and easily between the edit workspaces and the organizer screen.

Quick Fixes

The Express Lab contains the crop tool. Adjust the rectangle of the crop tool to alter the image. There are preset options for the crop, and the width and height can be altered. There are slider controls to alter the saturation, highlights, shadows and brightness. Besides sliders, these options can be set using numbers. The program can automatically analyze the picture and apply the necessary corrections. This is found within the suggest settings for the control areas. Specific objects within the image can be selected for more color cast alterations. Red eye can be immediately corrected using the express lab.


Using express lab means that the user can save hours. Use the correction tools within Express Lab instead of individually correcting each item within the many different images. Multiple photos can all be edited at once. Once you have experience using the Express Lab, you will be processing and editing your photos in no time.


Because PaintShop is much less expensive than other photo editing programs, it gives the home enthusiasts the ability to create and edit their own photos and produce high quality professional images. The ability to have so many tools at your fingertips makes it possible to be even more creative and adventuresome with your photos. PaintShop provides basic photo editing and more advanced options. You'll be able to completely edit and then manage your photos, and create slideshows and photo books of your newly edited photos.