Paintshop Photo Pro: Using the Camera Raw Lab

PaintShop Photo Pro contains many features and functions that a photography enthusiast can use at home to produce high quality photos. This software makes it easy to edit photos and eliminate flaws. Users can also add color correction and other effects. Besides editing photos, Photo Pro can also create collages, calendars, cards, slideshows, and photo books. Many of the features can easily be customized. All together, this is an easy and effective way to create great pictures.


RAW stands for the raw image format and will contain very little processed data that is created form the image sensor. These images will need to be processed before they can be edited or printed. PaintShop offers tools to edit these RAW files. Many photographers prefer working with RAW photos, as it offers full control of the picture and contains much more data to work with. The advanced editing of RAW images allows for creating different layers, histograms, masks, tone curves and isolated areas within the image.

Camera RAW Lab

The camera RAW lab can be used to completely customize and edit any RAW files. All RAW files are immediately opened in the RAW lab. Ultimately within the lab, the user is controlling the development of the photo within the program. This is different from editing a photo after it has been developed. RAW photos will contain 12 to 14 bit images which contains more information than the standard 8 bit jpeg image.


All of the different settings can be changed to create the desired developed photo. All of the different settings found on the camera and development can be adjusted. These include white balance, exposure, brightness and more. The photo can be previewed and then additional adjustments are made until the desired image is produced. By changing the development, many problems can be fixed and will not need to be altered in “post.” Adding effects and changing issues once the photo has been developed can be more difficult than working with a RAW image.

Multiple RAW Images

Photographers will need to apply the same edits to many different photos. This is particularly true for individuals that use DSLR cameras. With the Camera Lab, it is easy to edit one photo and then apply all of the edit to the other photos. Only RAW edits can be attached to other RAW images. Edits done on a different format cannot be transferred to RAW files.

RAW Conversion

RAW images are read only and will need to be stored as another format. Conversion to another format is required for additional adjustments and edits in the Full editor or the Express Lab. This RAW conversion is achieved through the Convert Raw Feature, which is located in the Organizer. To convert a large number of photos, the batch processing function is the best as this will convert all the selected RAW files.

More Adjustments

Once the RAW files have been edited and converted, then these images can be edited using other more common photo editing features. These additional image adjustments include cropping, rotating, eliminating noise, changing the depth of field, saturation, hue, contrast, perspective correct and other corrections.