Paintshop Photo Pro: Removing Objects Completely

PaintShop Photo Pro makes it possible to remove any unwanted images in a photo. This is powerful photo editing software that is very useful for at home use as it is also much more affordable than other editing software. Removing objects completely is a fast and easy way to be able to use those pictures you thought were perfect, but actually have an issue.

Object Remover Tool

The object remover option can be found on the palette for the learning center. It is found within the retouch and restore menu. This menu will remove all of the flaws from the photo. This tool works by covering up any and all unwanted objects that appear in the picture. Ultimately, this works like a stamp as a source image is required to cover up the unwanted object.


The best object replacement occurs when the area is zoomed in as much as possible. These unwanted objects do not have to be large. Many times little things will not ruin a shot, but they can alter the final image. This is a fast and easy way to use those finishing touches to create an excellent image.

Source Image

Ultimately, the picture that will be placed over the removed object will come from the original photo. The object that is to be removed is circled and selected as is the image that will be placed over that object. When sourcing the images, it is possible to see how the replacement will appear. If necessary, the image can be changed until the removal looks exactly as you desire. This type of object removal creates a seamless photo where it is impossible to determine where the object has been removed.


This object removal can be used for any type of flaw. If there is an unwanted shadow or an imperfection in a surface, or some type of funny flaw, then it is possible to correct these. The smallest issue can be found by zooming in and then replacing what is there. This is a fast and easy way to edit unwanted flaws and objects from a picture.

New Possibilities

This type of object removal and the ease of this tool opens new possibilities to expand your photographic creativity. PaintShop provides endless tools for hobbyists to take their photography passion to the next level. With the new levels of DSLR cameras available, PaintShop can provide all the high quality editing needed to alter these high quality digital images. Users can organize, manage, edit and create different photo projects. There is even possibilities for editing with other types of media. PaintShop provides the workflow and tools that are needed for high quality digital images.

Additional Features

Besides an object remover, PaintShop has additional features. Some of the other popular features include the multi photo adjustments, smart carver, local tone mapping, color balance, brightness, one step noise removal, support for many RAW formats, and adjustment of exposure, saturation, brightness and white balance. The object extractor can be used to mask fine details and to customize all of the tools for your personal use.