Painter X: How to Use SmartStroke

Corel Painter X includes several features in Smart Stroke Painting. It is a very helpful program for amateurs, professionals and people with no or little experience in photo painting. Smartstroke can evaluate the original imported image and apply the proper strokes to the clone, mimicking the methods and ways that many paintings and drawings are created.

Auto Painting with SmartStroke Painting

When painting with Smartstroke painting, you can auto paint using the vast selection of smart stroke brushes. But, in the case you want perfectly optimized brushes, you can use the brushes from the smartstroke category that come with several advantages because they are in tune with the cloner category. Auto painting starts when you choose the brush variants. You can either let the process finish at the normal pace and time, or you can stop the process when you see that you get the effect you like.

Using Smart Stroke, you can choose to hand blend image areas and soften parts of the picture, using the diffuse blur variant. You can enhance the quality of the image, manipulating its hand drawn appearance. You can also add surface texture, using the proper paper texture box. These are just a few of the numerous features and variants you can use to simulate the typical drawing appearance and surface.

Painting photos is much easier following the integrated guidance of the program. You can easily follow the guide of the program and create your own hand drawn photos in a few easy steps.