Painter 11: Making Your Own Hard Media Variants

Painter 11 from Corel has painting and drawing tools to produce the ultimate art studio. The hard media variants are new to the Corel Painter program. These are new brushes that introduce new hard media variants that are used for sketching and drawing. These brushes make it possible to create realistic looking media. The new hard media variants fall under the brush categories of watercolor, sumi-e, Pens, pencils, pastels, erasers, conte, colored pencils, chalk, blenders, acrylic and many new markers. All of the new hard media variants can be identified, as the word real comes before the variants. 


The new hard media variants within the system also make it possible for the user to create his own variants. There is a hard media palette that offers control of many different settings to fine tune the variants. Some of the user specifications include tilt angle, stroke width, transition range, sizes and dab profiles. Combine the different features to create completely new brushes or to fine tune existing brushes for the desired variants.

New Markers

The new markers were created to simulate real word renderings. These markers take the full range of the tablet tilt into account, which makes it easy to change the width of the marker and angle of the pen. How the media dries on the screen or canvas also is customizable so the colors blend well when rendered. It is possible to completely control the color build up which is how real life painting works. The first stroke of the brush has even color, but as more strokes are added, the color will darken as it builds.


The main benefit of the new variants is the control ability. These brushes are found under the brush controls palette. The only controls that can be used with the hard media are the eraser dab, captured and circular types. It is possible to preview all of the different brush strokes to see what the different dabs look like. It is possible to preview these brush strokes by clicking on the brush dab preview. Alter the squeeze controls to determine the horizontal and vertical ranges of each dab. To change the shape from round to an elliptical one, change the title of the tool.


The tilt is what makes the new hard media variants so similar to real life drawing and painting. The tilt angle can be altered to represent exactly how you would hold the brush were it in your hand. Create softer and wider strokes or very narrow, hard lines. Changing the angle of the pen can also control shading. Normally use the tip for drawing and then for shading use the side of the pen nib.

Additional Features

Painter 11 has even more additional features. There are polygonal tools, transform tools, keyboard color selection and more. By combining all the different features and the new hard media variants, it is possible to expand the scope and creativity of all the different products. Use new colors and mix the different colors. Add the new colors to the mixer palette to be able to use them again and again.