Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Wild Look

Paint shop pro tutorial can help you to achieve many different effects to your photographs. With the right kind of knowledge about the effect you will be able to get any kind of look without having to take up much of your time. Below are some steps to help you to change your picture by giving it a more wild and unique look. You will be shown how to add bright colors of any kind to a photo that you have changed to black and white.

Step 1 - Choose a Photo

Choosing a picture that can get the most out of your desired effect is the most important task. For a wild kind of look like this one you should choose a more wild type of picture. An action shot or any sort of intense look will look the best with this type of editing.

Try to choose a picture that will be easy to edit. This means the area that you are going to want to make a different, brighter color should be easy to get to and is completely solid. Try to start small with the location as well. Once you have gotten the hang of this effect then you should try to challenge yourself with more difficult pictures.

Step 2 - Colorize Filter

You'll need to decide on the colors for your effect on this step. The colorize filter is going to need to be added to the topmost layer of your photo. Press shift and "L" the hue and saturation should both be zero. Once you have applied this to the top layer you will need to do so with the background layer. Follow the same steps as mentioned above only make sure that the hue and saturation is at two hundred and fifty five instead of zero.

Step 3 - Eraser Tool

Your eraser tool can be activated by pressing the "X" button your keyboard. From there you will be provided with settings to use such as eraser size. You will need to adjust the eraser size to fit the actual size of the image that you are editing. Play around with the different sizes until you find one that works best for you.

Choose the area that you wish to have a different color. Once you have you will need to begin to erase that area so that it will begin to show the background layer of the photograph. It is best to start on the innermost area of the section that you wish to change.  

Once you have gotten to all of the inside areas then you will probably need to get an even smaller eraser size to get along the outside regions and smaller areas of the location. This part may take you a little extra time. Zooming in is sometimes necessary to make sure that you have the entire area fully erased and that it looks seamless.

Once you have your area properly erased move on to any other desired areas of the picture.

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