Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Using a Gradient in Images

If you are working with Paint Shop Pro, then you will find several default image gradient options. There are also options of creating your own set of custom gradients with the help of the fascinating photo editing software, Paint Shop Pro. Here are the basic steps tobe followed in order to have the gradient of your choice.

Step 1- Open an Image

Open an image that you wish to use for creating a gradient, then, open Paint shop Pro. Go to the Materials Palette and be sure to select the gradient option on the foreground. Then click on the gradient. After this, bring up the Gradient Editor by clicking on the 'Edit menu'in the Material Properties. Do remember, that the editor should never cover the opened image.

Step 2- Create a Custom Gradient

If you want to make a custom gradient with a chosen image, then click on "New" button. A box will come up; put a name for the custom gradient and press 'OK'.

Step 3- Define the Gradient

The marker lying at 100% on the right and on 0% on the left will mark the gradient truly.The Opacity of the Transparency should be set at 100% in order to make a solid color. First click the marker at 0% and then the mouse should be moved over the image and the cursor will turn to a Dropper Tool. Look for a color of your choice and click on it once to select it. Then reach out the Gradient Editor menu. Click the marker at 100% and turn the cursor again to the Dropper tool to choose another color.

Step 3- Add More Color

For adding more color, click either 0% or 100% or then click somewhere between the two markers. Thus, an additional marker will be created. Then keep on clicking and moving the mouse around the image and select the other colors. As many colors you will add, as many times you will repeat the method.

Step 4- Further Customize the New Gradient

Click and drag any marker along the bar to customize the new gradient. Continue doing this until you get satisfied. Clicking on the markers and sliding them can also adjust the level of transparency.You can also add additional markers.

Step 5- Finish and Save

When you will be finished with the creation of the custom gradient, click the "Close" button to save it. The custom gradient will now be available in the Gradient palette.

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