Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Tubes

This Paint Shop Pro tutorial is going to focus on how to obtain and incorporate tubes into your paint shop work. Tubes refer to general clip art graphics you can insert into your digital photo projects in Paint Shop Pro. They come in every variety you could imagine, including people, fairies, holidays, cartoons, animals, cars, clowns and flowers. These images can add flare and style to whatever creation you have in Paint Shop Pro, from projects like greeting cards to poster signs.

Step 1: Finding Tubes

Most tubes are easiest to find by doing searches online for 'Tubes' and 'Paint Shop Pro.' This will bring up endless directories of tubes for you to browse and choose from for your project. You can narrow down your search by being more specific or take your time and browse all of the results you will find. Many websites offer royalty free tubes that can be duplicated and used in any media for free.

Other more advanced websites will sell bundles of tubes in different categories for you to select from. These tubes may be more specific or detailed in nature and can only be used or duplicated once you have purchased the rights to do so. If you are publishing your image or selling anything with the tube on it, you must purchase the rights for that tube if it is not a royalty free usage tube.

Step 2: Save Your Tubes

Before you can import the tube graphics into Paint Shop Pro, you must download them and save them on your computer. Most websites that you can get tubes from will give you an option to download them, and you can choose where to store them on your hard drive. If you are downloading tubes that you must purchase, it will work the same way once you have entered the necessary payment information required. Make sure if you are downloading many different tubes that you save them all to one central folder or location, which will make locating them in the future much easier (from Paint Shop Pro).

Step 3 - Import into Paint Shop Pro

There are two main ways you can get your downloaded tubes into Paint Shop Pro to begin using them. First, you can move the .jpg files into a specified folder for your specific Paint Shop program. When you put the images into that folder, you will be able to select them and work on them from within Paint Shop Pro automatically. You can also simply open a new image of the tube you want to use and, it will appear in a separate window as a new project.

You can then cut the image out of that window and paste it as a new layer in the photo you want to add it to. This way involves a few more steps, but can be done if you do not know what folder you need to put the image files into to be able to access them from Paint Shop Pro.

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