Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Transparent GIFs

Creating transparent GIFS files with Paint Shop Pro, is a simple process. The software allows you to choose a color in the image and make it transparent in order to show the color of the background that the image is shown on. This is helpful to make an image pop off of the screen.

Step One: Always Save a Copy

Always make a copy of your original image. Use the copy to make changes on. You can make a copy by right clicking on the image and copying it, then either paste it into the computer or paste it into the Paint Shop Pro program. Making changes on your copy will allow you to always have an original to work with should the need arise. You will need to save it as a GIF though because the transparent feature only works on GIF images.

Step Two: Decide the Color to Change

Decide which color you want to be transparent. Remember that all areas with that particular color will be affected not just certain areas. Open up the saved GIF file and click on the options tab at the bottom of the save as box. Doing this will open up another box, click on the button that says run optimizer.

Step Three: GIF Optimizer Window

The GIF optimizer window will now appear, make sure that within the tab you are on the transparency tab. Your image will appear in two boxes on the top of the window. Click on the color that you wish to make transparent. On the bottom of the page there is a choice that says, areas that match this color. There will be the color that you selected in the box next to this statement. Ensure that the statement is marked.

Step Four: Accept the Color Change

You can choose different colors from your image and choose the best option for your project. It is simple to change the color that is transparent simply by clicking on another color and accepting the change. Once you are satisfied with the result then click the OK tab on the bottom of the page.

Different Options Available

You can choose to change the different areas of transparency by adjusting the tolerance level on the transparency tap. The higher that you adjust the number the more colors will become transparent. For example if you choose white as the transparent color and set your tolerance level to 50 then you will see lighter colors becoming transparent on your image. Another option that you have is to only include part of the image as transparent even if the color is in several places. You would do this by selecting the existing image or layer transparency selection on the transparency tab.

Using the transparency program is a useful tool when you are dealing with Web sites or other graphic imaging projects. By using the options available to you while using Paint Shop Pro you will be able to create many different styles of one image.

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