Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Tool Palette

The tool palette on your paint shop pro will be something that you have to become very familiar with. In order to do this you will need to play around with them and see what each does for yourself. To get a good idea of what to expect from each tool, provided to you below is how to use some of the more popular tools in the tool palette.

Step 1 - Starting Off

To begin, keep in mind that your tool palette is always going to be on the left hand side of your screen. When you choose to select a tool then you will simply need to click on it. Every single tool has options. In order to set the options you will need to left click on the desired tool and click on your 'toggle tool options window'.

Step 2 - Arrow

You will use the arrow to move the image around. This is useful with images that are too big to fit onto your screen. To use the arrow you will simply need to left click it and drag your image.

Step 3 - Zoom

This of course will get you zoomed in and out of any image. This comes in handy when you need to look closely at what you are editing. To use this you will left click on your image to zoom into it then right click to zoom out.

Step 4 - Deformation

Your deformation tool is used to rotate, skew, resize, move or distort your layer that you are using. This will not work for a layer that you are not currently using. You can deform as many layers as you wish, you must simply select them first.

Step 5 - Crop

When cropping an image you are cutting out all of the unnecessary background and focusing more on the main subject of your photo.

Step 6 - Mover Tool

Your mover tool is used to move around a selection or an entire layer. In order to use this you will need to right click to move a selection and left click to move a layer.

Step 7 - Selection

Your selection tool comes in a few different shapes, mostly different forms of squares and circles. If you wish to add a selection you will simply need to hold your shift key down. If you wish to remove a selection then hold down your control key.

Step 8 - Paint Brush

Your paint brush tool will add any paint of your choice onto the canvas of your choosing. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and brush tips.

Step 9 - Eraser

Your eraser tool can be used for many different things. You can choose to erase just one layer or an entire image. When on your background, left click your eraser to replace the recent color with your background color. Right click the eraser to replace the recent color with the foreground color. When you're on a layer that is not the 'background' layer then you will need to left click to make the area on the most recent layer see through and right click to get the foreground color applied to the area.

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