Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Smart Photo Fix

The Paint Shop Pro tutorial is photo software that provides you with instructions on how to get a better understanding of photo editing. There are a lot of different terms that you will have to grow familiar with in order to become well-versed with this application. You can find an explanation of most terms in the Paint Shop Pro tutorial, but you will need to get acquainted with how to use the tutorial.

This is a tutorial on how to get started through the Smart Photo Fix option in Paint Shop Pro.

Step 1: Make a New Image

Before you start to make your new image, the image's height, width and resolution need to be specified. In order to do this, you will first need to open the New Image dialog box. You will find the New Image dialog box in the menu bar under File. Once you have clicked on the File link, you will be shown a drop down menu. From the dropdown menu, you will need to choose the 'New' link.

From here, you will be able to choose the height, width and resolution. Along with those options, you will also choose your picture element or 'pixel'. These are the tiny squares that will create your entire image. Once you have chosen if you want your image to be displayed in pixels, inches or centimeters, you will choose your back ground color as well as your image type. Your image type is what kind and how many colors will be used in your image.

Step 2: Tool Palette

You will need to become familiar with your tool palette before you can begin to use Paint Shop Pro. Your tool palette is on the left hand side of your screen when you first open your Paint Shop Pro application. There are twenty different tools that are provided to you in the tool palette. Pick and choose your way around these tools to get a good feel of what each one does and what they can do to enhance your image.

Step 3: Color

Your color dialog box will show up as the default if the image that you happen to be working on is 24 bit and you don't have your preferences set to the standard windows color picker.

You can set your background or foreground color. You will be provided with 48 colors. These will be shown in the upper left hand corner of your dialog box. You will simply click on OK to choose your desired color.

There is also a color wheel that is provided to you to use. Once you click on your color wheel, you will be able to move your pointer around to help you to choose your desired color.

Step 4: Selection

Selection is a big part of Paint Shop Pro. You will select a certain part of your image that you will want to remove, edit or add an effect to. In order to use this tool, you will first need to hold your Shift key down as you select the desired area. If you wish to have the area removed, then you will hold down your control key as you are selecting the area. If you need to move your selection, then you will simply select your mover tool. Be sure to right click on your selection as you drag your pointer.

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