Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Skin Color and Tone

The Paint Shop Pro is the wonder software for editing a photo. The one click-editing tool enhances your image to the core and has versatile abilities in removing all the flaws from it. Here is the simple systematic approach to the Manual Color Correction Tool offered by Paint Shop Pro. You will get the perfect skin color tone by the application of this tool provided by the software. Below mentioned are the steps required for a successful application.

Step 1- Open the Image

Browse your computer and open the image that requires a correction of the skin tone.

Step 2- Enhance the Image

The next step includes enhancement of the photo. In order to do that, you have to reach the "Effects" tools and then find the 'Enhance Photo' option. Then select the 'Manual Color Correction' to open up a dialog box. Here, you will find out a Color Category, by means of which, several things can be done along with skin tone correction. First, click the Gray World key and then click the Skin tones. This will enable you to make your preview option work in a better way. Then, open the preset colors, click on the arrow lying beside preview, and hence choose the skin tone, you want to use.

Step3- Setting of Base Color

First, select an area with homogeniety. It should not be a shadowy area, as that might tend to shift the balance of the color. The best part of the application is that, it will treat the surface, which has been selected as the color of the skin and the rest of the colors will be adjusted accordingly. Keep on clicking on different parts until you get the desired color. In order to have the window on which you are working, active, just click on the sliders at the bottom. This will help in fine-tuning the color of the photo. The temperature of the color is a very important factor. In order to have warmer colors, the temperature slider should be dragged right and for cooler range of color, drag it leftwards. There are two other sliders placed above. They are used in providing a refined tone to the skin. If you want to have a tanned effect, drag the Tan slider to the right. The other slider is meant for creating Blush effect. Drag it right to attribute the image with a reddish grace.

Step 4- Preserve Lightness and Saturation

The 'Preserve Lightness' and the 'Preserve Saturation' are the two options that bring forth the difference as the image progresses. The best way to work with them is to run through the different options available and try them out until you get the perfect setting. Then go back to the area where you want to implement the change and select it.

Step 5- Adjust the Contrast

The level of contrast can be adjusted by means of the Contrast Enhancement Tools. Then, go back to the manual correction and then start afresh with Preserve Lightness and Preserve Saturation. So try your hands on it and your image will soon acquire the desired tone.

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