Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Professional Strength Tools

This simple paint shop prop tutorial will go over a few easy ways to use professional strength tools to make your photos look amazing. These tools are easy to use as long as you know how to use them.

Step 1- Colorizing with One Step

This is the easiest way to use a colorized tool to sharpen your image. Simply open your picture, choose Adjust on the toolbar, and scroll down to One Step Photo Fix. This option will improve the contrast. With that done, go back to Adjust, down to Hue and Saturation, and Colorize. Play with the Hue and Saturation until you get the results as close as you want them. Click OK. The picture is probably still not perfect, but it's a good start.

Step 2- Manually Adjusting Method

If the option in step one didn't get you the image you were hoping for, this step should give you a more professional look. Open the picture again and go back to Adjust, Hue and Saturation, then Hue/Saturation/Lightness. You can get here by pressing Shift + H. Going this route will give you the option to adjust in percentages instead of absolute values. You may not be able to duplicate colors in the photo with absolute perfection, but it does give you a more controlled way to colorize your photo. Play around with the percentages until you find a setting that works best. This can be time consuming, and you may just want to move on to Step 3 to get a much more controllable way to use these professional tools.

Step 3- Perfect Colorization

If the above methods aren't cutting it for you, it's time to move on and work with the real professional tools. This option will allow you to create a uniform appearance, smooth out unsightly textures, and keep the textures and colors you wish.

Start by scrolling back over the Adjust tab, down to Photo Fix, then Digital Camera Noise Removal. Play around with the correction blend and the sharpening percentage until you smooth out the area you have chosen to correct. Once you get the photo selection smooth and clean, click on OK.

Now choose the selection again using the Freehand tool, and go back to Adjust, Color Balance, and Channel Mixer. With this you can play around with the monochrome sliders until you get the saturation level to where you are comfortable. You can make it grayscale, or make it vibrant.

You can use the layers tool to merge images together, to blend the colors. The Artistic effects tools can help you blend the edges or other focal points in your photo.

Using the professional tools can take a little playing around with to make the photos perfect. Learning the tools will serve you in the long run.

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