Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Photo Fixing Basics

This Paint Shop Pro tutorial will go over some tips and suggestions for fixing some basic issues with your digital photographs. Many little things can easily go wrong when you are taking your digital pictures, and Paint Shop Pro has many different options that can easily help to correct those errors for you. This article will go over some basic tips to help you bring your photos to perfection while using Paint Shop Pro.

Fix Red Eye

Often times, pictures of people can have light reflect off their eyes and make them appear red in your photo. Red eyes in a photo can be easily fixed in Paint Shop Pro. Start by opening a new window that will show your photo separately, and zoom it in to just the person's eyes. Go to "Layers > New Raster Layer" and then set the blend mode to Overlay, and hit OK. Then you can pick a dark color of the Iris with your eyedropper tool, and use a small paintbrush to cover the red area of the eyes. You can then blend the color in to make it seem more natural, and combine the layers when you're done.

Color Correction

The easiest way to correct color in your digital photo is to open it in Paint Shop Pro and then click "Adjust > Automatic Color Balance." This will bring up another window with a display image of your photo and sliders that you can adjust to see how it affects the colors in your photo. If you like the changes, you can save your changes or always cancel and return to default.


Cropping is simply cutting unnecessary or unwanted sections of your photograph out of the picture. There are preset options in Paint Shop Pro for common photo sizes, or you can select the area you want to be removed by hand. Removing an area by cropping will permanently remove it from your photo, so be sure you want to delete it before cropping your image.


Photo editing software can break photos down into layers to make them easier to manage and edit. Most of the time, you can create a background image as one layer, and then add other images on top as individual layers themselves. These layers can then be selected, rearranged, or moved up or down in the image so you are seeing different items in front of or behind the others.

Color Changing

If you want to see different colors in your photos, Paint Shop Pro offers a very simple method to experiment with. Select the image you want to edit, and on the Learning Center Palette, select "Retouch and Restore" and then "Color Changer." Paint Shop Pro will be able to detect how far a color stretches over an object in your picture. Once you select the color you want from the color wheel, just click on where you want to place it, and it will change instantaneously.

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