Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Make Greeting Cards

It is always nice to send greeting cards to your near and dear ones. Paint Shop Pro is the ideal photo editing software that will provide you excellent options make greeting cards. So, plunge into the mission of making a bunch of cards and reveal your artistic aptitude. This will make your dear ones happy to the core. All you require is a digital photograph, you are willing to use, the Paint Shop Pro software, a printer and paper. Below mentioned are the steps to do it.

Step1- Open the Photo

First, click on the icon of Paint Shop Pro on your desktop. Then browse your computer to select one of your favorite snaps, which you want to turn into a nice greeting card. The folder containing the photo that needs to be used should be navigated to the left and you need to double click the image in order to open it.

Step 2- Use the Crop tool

The subject contained in the image must be focused and in order to this, the crop tool should be selected from the left hand tool bar. The crop tool needs to be dragged along the area that needs to be cropped. Thus a particular area will be selected. The crop-preset option can also be used for cropping a specific photo size. The preset option is available in the Tool Options palette. As you will click on it, you will find a drop down list, choose, either a horizontal or a vertical option from it, according to the size of the photo, you wish to use. The two cards must fit well in one page. Then, the sides of the crop window should be dragged on the selected area within the photo and clicked. This way, the size of the photo will also be adjusted. When the position of the crop tool is perfect, it should be double clicked and the crop will be applied. Some space should be kept at the front of the image to add text.

Step3- Resize the Photo

After you are finished with the cropping, you need to resize the image. The resize option is available in the Resize Dialog Box.  After this you should be changing the width of the print size and as you click OK, the image will be resized.

Step4- Add the Text

Now, you should add the greetings by using the Text tool.  The Text tool can be chosen from the toolbar in the left.  Select the font and the font size from the Tool option palette. It is better to go for the Vector option from the drop down menu available in the 'Create As' option. You should opt for the color by going to the Material palette and choose a color from there for changing the existing color. Next, select the area, where you want the text to be. Thus the 'Text Entry' dialog box will open up and you can add your greetings over there. In order to attribute the text with some depth, you can add a 'drop shadow' effect. To do this, go to the 'Effect' option in the top menu, then go to 3D effects and from there, select the 'Drop Shadow' option.

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