Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Make a Cloud from Brushes

It can be challenging to manipulate and make clouds using digital photo editing software. However, you can follow these tips to successfully create convincing clouds in Corel Paint Shop Pro using various tools and brushes. 

Step 1 - Creating a New Image

To begin, you first need to create a new image. To do this, open Paint Shop Pro and click on File and New. When the New Image Properties dialog box pops up, you should make the image quite large so that you have enough room to work with. Set the size of the image to 400x300 pixels, choose a white background and 16 million colors. Click OK to create your new blank canvas.

Step 2 - Making the Background

Next, you need to design the background for the clouds to be on. To do this, click on the Flood Fill tool. In the Color palette, select the background color as blue (for sky) and the foreground color as white (for clouds). In the Tool options palette, change the Styles Selector to Gradient Fill.

Step 3 - Creating the Gradient

You will now see a Gradient Options box. Set the gradient type to Sunburst, and check the Inverse Gradient check-box.

Step 4 - Creating a Layer

Next, create a new layer for the foreground of the image. To do this, click on Layers and then New Raster Layer. Rename this layer to something you will remember, like "Clouds."

Step 5 - Making Clouds

Select the Paintbrush tool from the toolbox, and then adjust the settings in the Tool Options palette. Change the Brush types to Custom. Select the cloud shape from the dropdown list of custom brush presets. Set the Color palette to solid color, and set the background as black and the foreground as white.

Making white clouds is as simple as left clicking on your image, and making black clouds is as easy as right clicking on the image.

Once you are happy with the shape and size of your clouds, you should then flatten all of the layers. When the image is flat, create another new layer.

Step 6 - Sunburst

Select the new layer and choose the Pencil tool. Draw lines from the clouds down to the ground in a triangular shape. These will look like the sun is shining through the clouds. Use a Gaussian blur to make these lines less severe. In the Layer palette, change the blend mode of this new layer to Dodge instead of Normal. Adjust the Opacity slider to around 50 percent so that the clouds look more subtle.

Step 7 - Flattening and Saving

Now, you should flatten your image and save it. You can then print it out or share it on the Internet. Now that you have mastered creating clouds on a blank canvas, you can use the same technique to create clouds on your photos.

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