Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Magnifying Tools

Magnifying tools in Paint Shop Pro make it very easy to perform detailed work on photographs by enlarging them. Using these magnifying tools makes lots of tasks very simple.

Step 1 - Open Paint Shop Pro

Load Paint Shop Pro by selecting it from your Start menu or by double clicking the icon on your desktop. This will make the program run, you may have to wait for the program to load because it's such a complex piece of software.

Step 2 - Load Your Photo

Click on File and then Browse to find your photo. You will see a series of thumbnails on your screen. Once your photo is loaded, examine it closely. Try to determine what you need to improve and how you will go about doing that.

Step 3 - Zoom In

If you want to make detailed changes to your photo, you will need to enlarge it as much as possible. The magnifying glass tool can be used to zoom into this photo in great detail. To zoom in, click the left mouse button, and to zoom out, click the right mouse button.

Clicking the mouse button a number of times will zoom in close and closer to the image. If you want to zoom out, then you can either continue clicking the right mouse button or click View and Normal Viewing.

Step 4 - Select Zoom Area

You can also use the zoom tool in a different way. Select the magnifying tool, and then use it to drag a box around the area that you are interested in seeing closer. This will zoom you in so that the selected area fills the whole screen. This is a very useful option for working with facial features.

When selecting a zoom area, you will be zoomed in much closer than if you do it manually.

Step 5 - Work in Fine Detail

It can be difficult to work when you're zoomed right into an image. This is because you will see the individual pixels and nothing seems to blend the right way. Make sure that the overview palette is open so that you can see what the entire image will look like when it's completed.

You may have to zoom in to perform some changes, however when you zoom back out you will probably still have some touching up to do.

Remember, if you ever make a mistake, then the undo function is your best friend. Paint Shop Pro stores a long list of different procedures, and so it's very easy to undo these one by one.

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