Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Magic Wand Tool

The 'Magic Wand Tool' allows a selection to be made based on the outline or shape of the object. It can be set in a way that recognizes the brightness, hue, opacity and color of the photo. Magic wand blends in the pixels of the defined selection and transforms them easily. As you gradually get to be proficient with the application of the Magic Wand; you will very well be able to select the areas in a quick manner. Here is the step- by-step approach to the tool.

Step 1- Open the Image

First start up with the Paint Shop Pro Software in your system by double-clicking the icon present on the desktop. Then browse through the computer to find the appropriate image from the collection of pictures.  As you will come across the thumbnail, double click it to open the image.

Step 2- Select the Magic wand Tool

Go to the Selection option and the Magic Wand Tool will fly out at the first instance. Then go to the Tool Options palette set and get the drop down list to add the RGB value. The level of tolerance and feather options should ideally be put to 64 and 0 level respectively. Then, the Anti-Alias box should be marked and the Sample Merged box should be unmarked.

Step 3- Select the Area

Now, it is the time to find out the irregular area in the image and then the Magic Wand should be clicked on the pixels. If there will be still some places left to be selected it should be clicked again to include the entire area in the selection that exists already.

Step 3- Alter the Feathering

Go to the Selection and choose the modify option and then go to 'Feather' and then you should type '3' in the field assigned for 'number of pixel' and lastly click 'OK'.

Step 4- Modify the Hue and Saturation

For doing this, you need to go to adjust and then to 'Hue and Saturation' and then, ultimately select the 'colorize' option. Keep on dragging the Hue meter till it reaches 154. The bar for Saturation should be positioned at 98. This is the ideal setting, which makes the selected area vivid and natural. The colorization effect will be applied, the moment you click OK.

Step 5- Opt for the Selection

This is the last step in playing with the Magic Wand Tool. You need to select 'None', so that you can get rid of the marquee meant for selection.

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